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St. Ambrosia Cellar Tupelo AmbrosiaTupelo honey is rare, expensive and hard to get. It is prized for its high levels of fructose (thus low in sucrose) and thus pure tupelo honey does not crystallize. It has a mild floral, fruit flavor and cinnamon, floral aroma. Bees make tupelo honey from the nectar of the tupelo tree which grown in wetlands and along rivers in Georgia and Florida. In a good year the season when the Tupelo tree is in bloom is short - 2 - 3 week. It a bad year it may be short or not at all. Harvesting the honey is a chore requiring boating through swamps in hot, muggy conditions. Every winter St. Ambrose Cellars takes their Northern Michigan Bees from Sleeping Bear Farms down to the Florida panhandle to harvest Tupelo honey. This honey becomes St. Ambrose Cellars Tupelo Ambrosia (10.5% alcohol by volume). Pulling the cork releases a spicy floral honey aroma with a hint of earthiness, tart and wood. It pours brilliant light gold with bright reflectance. Swirling the glass reveals some well formed, long legs. A moderate tart touch and a dab of tannin balance a semi-sweet honey start. The honey character comes through nicely and there is a light peppery quality in the background. The body is medium and the alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. It is a real treat to drink a mead made from this magnificent honey. I rate it 90.


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