St. Ambrose Cellars Star Thistle Ambrosia


St. Ambrose Cellars

Star Thistle Ambrosia


st ambrose cellars star thistle ambrosiaSt. Ambrose Cellars Star Thistle Ambrosia (10.5% alcohol by volume) is a still, standard, semi-sweet mead made from local star thistle honey supplied by Sleeping Bear Farms. It starts with a big initial floral and honey aroma and then settles down to a medium honey aroma with a moderate varietal character and a pleasant, clean fermentation character. The aromatics are fresh and not dirty, muddled, yeasty of sulfury. The aroma has a medium complex depth with no harsh or chemical aromas and not oxidation aromas. Alcohol is present but not hot or solventy. The mead has a pleasant, inviting bouquet that makes you want to drink it. It pours brilliant pale gold with a clear, well developed meniscus and good reflectance. A swirl of the glass produces mild legs. The palate showcases the varietal honey character. It is initially sweet on the tongue with interesting floral, soft herbal and woody notes. As the mead moves across the tongue it becomes semi-dry to off-dry with moderate tannin levels that provide texture and some dryness on the finish. The flavors linger pleasantly. Acidity is moderate and softens the sweetness. The mead has a medium wine-like body and is not thin or watery. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. This mead showcases thistle honey and is an interesting, elegant drink. It is northern Michigan in a glass. I rate it 92.


St. Ambrose Cellars

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