St. Ambrose Cellars Cherry Amore


St. Ambrose Cellars

Cherry Amoré


St. Ambrose Cellars Cherry AmoreSt. Ambrose Cellars Cherry Amoré (12.0% alcohol by volume) is a pyment (blend of fermented grapes and mead) made with 38% honey, 36% grapes and 26% cherries. It is a still, standard strength, semi-sweet mead. Honey and cherries dominate the aroma with lighter presence of grapes and a medium vinous quality. The aromatics are fresh and clean. It pours brilliant light cherry red with a well defined meniscus, good reflectance, a trace of legs and no observable particulates. A mildly sweet honey flavor introduces the mead with cherries quickly showing up. The grape and wine character are there but less pronounced at medium low levels. There are low to medium low levels of tartness and a light astringent touch on the finish to dry things out slightly. The alcohol is mildly warming, smooth and not hot. The mead has elegant wine-like qualities, a medium body and a natural fruit based acidity. The various parts work very well together. This is a very pleasant, complex, layered and flavorful mead. I rat it 88.


St. Ambrose Cellars


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