Spóldzielnia Pszczelarska Apis Czwórniak Korzenny


Spóldzielnia Pszczelarska Apis

Czwórniak Korzenny


Spóldzielnia-Pszczelarska-Apis-Czwórniak-KorzennySpóldzielnia Pszczelarska Apis Czwórniak Korzenny (11% alcohol by volume) is a Polish mead flavored with herbs and spices. Polish meads date from the middle ages and are classified into four grades depending on the honey to water ratio and the resulting sweetness and alcohol content. "Czwórniak" means 4 parts and indicates a 1 part honey to 3 parts water ratio and is a dry mead aged a minimum of 9 months with an alcohol content ranging from 9 to 12%. "Korzenny" means spiced mead. It smells like honey seasoned with earthy herbs and spices and smooth alcohol aromas. Honey is the lead aroma. There are no higher alcohol or fusel aromas. It is still and drops brilliant gold with good reflectance, a well formed meniscus and beautiful, well developed legs. The flavors start mildly sweet with a big dose of honey supported by earthy spices and herbs and then it dries out on the finish with a trace astringent note. The added herbs and spices are subtle and work very well with the honey and alcohol flavors. I am drinking this with a spicy shrimp sushi roll and it works very well with the mead's honey and spices complementing the spices in the sushi roll and the mild initial sweetness bringing out the shrimp flavors and mellowing the sushi roll's light heat. I rate the mead 90.


Spóldzielnia Pszczelarska Apis

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