Sky River Mead Sweet Mead


Sky River Mead


Sweet Mead


Sky River Mead Sweet MeadSky River Mead Sweet Mead (10.5% alcohol by volume) is a standard, still sweet mead. It has a slightly earthy honey aroma that blows off after a could of whiffs and becomes clean and light. It pours brilliant pale straw with a well defined, clear meniscus, excellent reflectance and light legs. The flavors start sweet and dries out on the finish. A deft touch of acids and tannins balances the sweet honey flavor with a dash of vinous quality in the background keep it from being cloying. The acids are medium. The tannins are medium low and add some dimension and a slight astringent touch on the finish. There is some light fermentation spice and smooth, clean alcohol. The alcohol is mildly warming and creeps up with you while you drink. The body is medium. The mead stands out for its balance and despite its sweetness, the balance makes it very easy to drink and the acidity makes it very refreshing. I rate it 87.


Sky River Mead


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