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Queen Sheba Winery


Sheba Orange Blossom Honey Wine


Queen Sheba Orange Blossom honey meadQueen Sheba Winery Sheena Orange Blossom Honey Wine (12.5% alcohol by volume) is brewed with gesho - the dried stems, bark and leaves of an African shrub related to common buckthorn - and orange blossom honey. The mead is standard, still and on the dry side of semi-sweet. Orange blossom and honey lead the aroma with the gesho spiciness in the background. As the mead warms the gesho aromas grow and become a little more perfumey with some woody notes. The mead pours brilliant gold from center to rim with great reflectance. The legs are medium light and the meniscus is medium low but well formed. Honey and spice lead the flavors with some bitter notes and tannins that become more apparent on the finish. Orange flavors also increase in the finish and join a long tail seasoned with tree bark bitterness and spice. This is an interesting and very flavorful mead that starts near semi-sweet and finishes closer to semi-dry. Try it with Ethiopian and other spicy food. I rate it 83.



Queen Sheba Winery


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