Queen Sheba Winery Sheba Clover Honey Wine


Queen Sheba Winery

Sheba Clover Honey Wine


Queen Sheeba Winery Sheeba Clover Honey WineQueen Sheba Winery Sheba Clover Honey Wine (12.5% alcohol by volume) is a T'ej fermented with gesho, an Ethiopian shrub in the buckthorn family. The gesho aroma is moderate joined by fresh grass and honey. This gesho smells more green and less woody than in some other T'ej. The mild spiciness of the gesho aroma grows as the mead warms. The mead is still, standard and on th dry side of semi-sweet. It pours bright gold with a ring of bubbles around the rim that slowly dissipate. The flavors start mildly sweet balanced by a spicy tea-like woody bitterness from the gesho and a slight tannin like astringency on the finish. Tannins from the gesho also add depth and body. The honey flavors are mild and leave a little stickiness on the lips. The gesho leaves a pleasant, lingering. spicy and lightly bitter aftertaste. The clover honey is not big on character, leaving room for the gesho to shine. I rate this t'ej 80.



Queen Sheba Winery



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