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Prairie Rose Meadery Chokecherry MeadPrairie Rose Meadery Chokecherry Mead (12.5%) is a melomel (fruit mead) brewed with North Dakota Chokecherries, honey and water. Its still, standard strength and semi-sweet. The aroma is medium intensity but rich, featuring cherries and honey with traces of floral.  Alcohol aromas are clean with no hot or harsh qualities and there are no off-fermentation aromas. It pours brilliant cranberry red with persistent and well-defined legs.  The flavor intensity is medium plus. The flavors start with honey and then the chokecherry comes on big with a pleasant tartness to balance the honey sweetness and it finishes with a dab of astringent tannin from the chokecherries. The flavors all balance nicely as does the sweetness, tartness, tannins and alcohol. While this is not in your face, it does have an astounding presence and the chokecherry flavors are incredible. Drinking this mead is a special treat which I shall repeat as often as possible. I rate it 95.


Prairie Rose Meadery




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