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Prairie Rose Meadery Basswood Traditional MeadPrairie Rose Meadery Basswood Traditional Mead (12.0% alcohol by volume) is a traditional mead made with Basswood (or Linden - same tree, different names) honey. It is standard strength and still. Basswood trees grow as far west as the eastern border of the Dakotas and from the Arkansas border north to Canada and from the northern Minnesota border east to northern Maine. The trees grow from 75 to 130 feet and from late June to mid-July they flower and fill the forest with a sweet, powerful scent of honey, jasmine and citrus peel. The bees ably pack some of this smell into the honey giving Basswood honey a floral scent with hints of mint and flowers on the tongue. The mead captures enough of the honey to evoke the late June forest's floral basswood aroma with a minty, earthy smell underneath and a hint of citrus rind. There is also a good dose of honey supported by smooth alcohol in the aroma. The mead is beautiful to look at, shimmering brilliant gold with good reflectance and a well developed meniscus. A swirl of the glass produces clear, well developed legs. The mead is semi-sweet. A subtle floral, earthy, minty basswood character hinting of citrus with a dash of pepper seasons the mild honey flavors. The honey character is moderate and the basswood is noticeable. The alcohol is smooth and moderate producing a mild warming. It is not hot or harsh. There is a light, balancing tartness and just a dab of drying astringency on the finish. I must buy another bottle of this soon. I rate it 94.


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