Nectar Creek Honeycone Hop Session Mead


Nectar Creek

Honeycone Hop Session Mead


Nectar Creek Honey Cone Hop Session MeadNectar Creek Honey Cone Hop Session Mead (6.9% alcohol by volume) is brewed with Oregon honey and Oregon grown whole cone Cascade hops to celebrate the hop harvest and contains water, honey, hops and sulfites. It smells of honey with a gentle dose of hops and some light fruit in the background. It pours gold with a light haze permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles that create a brief, half inch pure white cap as it pours. the medium carbonated mead is mildly sweet with honey and fruit flavors and a touch of cascade grapefruit flavors. The hop bitterness is subtle with the hops offering more floral flavor notes than bitterness. The finish is crisp and dries slightly. All the pieces work very well together in this interesting, flavorful, very drinkable mead. I rate it 80.


Nectar Creek



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