Nectar Creek Cluster


Nectar Creek




Nectar Creek ClusterNectar Creek Cluster (5.1% alcohol by volume) is a session mead made from 100% raw honey, cranberries and strawberries. Sulfites are added to stop the fermentation. Cracking the can releases big berry aromas that you can smell fro a couple of feet away with distinct cranberry and strawberry threads. The honey aroma is mild and supports the fruit. A perky, effervescent pour fills the glass brilliant medium red topped with a thin white champagne-like cap that reduces to a thin line of bubbles around the rim. Mildly sweet honey and berries start the flavors balanced by a tartness that approaches lemonade levels. The cranberries offer up some drying astringent notes on the finish with lingering fruit and mild honey flavors. This is an interesting, flavorful and very drinkable session mead. I rate it 78.


Nectar Creek


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