Mountain Dragon Mazery West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead


Mountain Dragon Mazery


West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead


Mountain Dragon Mazery West Virginia Wildflorwer Honey MeadThose who pass on mead as being too sweet will latch onto Mountain Dragon Mazery West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead (9.69 % alcohol by volume). It is made from honey, yeast and water. It has very fragrant honey, floral aromas that take you back to mountain meadows that would make an excellent air freshener and bring back the smell of spring to a mid-winter afternoon. There is a light scent of sweet alcohol in the backround. It looks like a fine mead - bright, brassy gold with a clear meniscus and good reflectance. It is semi-dry to dry, mildly tart with some light fruit notes and is almost bitter on the finish with a hint of tannin. the alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. It is light, dry and refreshing.

I am drinking this with Deer Creek's the Blue Jay - a quintuple cream blue cheese infused with juniper berries and pâté du champagne - a herby, rustic coarse ground pâté with a little whole grain mustard. The mead's dryness provides a nice contrast to the cheese's high butterfat levels and prevent the cheese from coming across as too unctuous and help some mushroom flavors emerge. The mead's tannin's are low enough to not produce any metallic notes with the pairing. The juniper berries in the cheese give the mead some gin notes and the mead's honey flavors work very well with the cheese. The juniper aroma goes very well with the mead's wildflower notes and underlines the mountain meadow theme the two evoke. The cheese and the work together and neither masks the flavors or character of the other. The pâté du champagne adds a nice rustic note to the pairing while the mead gives an air of elegance. I rate the mead 80 and the cheese pairing is one I will return to.

Mountain Dragon Mazery



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