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Mountain Dragon Mazery


Ruthie's Rhodomel Methyglyn


Mountain Dragon Mazery Ruthie's Rhodomel MethyglynMountain Dragon Mazery Ruthie's Rhodomel Methyglyn (9.69% alcohol by volume) is a still, standard, honey wine (mead) fermented with West Virginia Honey and rose petals from the Mazery's tea rose. Rhodomel refers to a mead made with rose petals and methyglyn (also metheglin) refers to a spiced or medicated mead. It has a moderate aroma with honey and traces of rose petal. The honey aroma leads a little. Alcohol aromas are mild. There is nothing as artificial or overpowering. The fermentation character is clean. It pours brilliant gold with a clear well developed meniscus, good reflectance, no particulates and long, thin legs. It starts medium dry on the tongue with honey slightly in the lead. By mid palate the rose petals edge ahead a bit and it moves towards medium dry. A mild acidity provides balance throughout and a moderate dose of tannin provides an astringent note on the finish that adds structure and helps dry out the finish. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or harsh. The mead is refreshing and well balanced with a good development of flavors. I rate it 83

Mountain Dragon Mazery



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