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Some people have sugested that mead developed in Africa some 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. This idea rests on the argument that modern honey bees were well developed and widespread across Africa at that time and all the elements existed for the creation of mead. Archaeologist have dated mead making to 9,000 years ago in China based on chemical analysis that has found evidence of honey, rice and chemicals related to fermentation on clay shards. Archaeologists have found similar evidence on European ceramic fragments from nearly 5,000 years ago. The oldest written references to mead show up in around 4,000 year old Vedic and later Hindu texts. Roughly 2,400 years ago references to mead show up in Aristotle and other Greek writings. Acording to classical Greek texts the ancients believed that bees harvested the honeydew of the gods and mead was the resulting sacred drink. Some of the Greek mead lore may trace back to neolithic beliefs of the religious role of bee swarms and these swarms and mead may have been precursors to the cult of Dionysus. Mead played a heavy role in the traditions and mythologies of the Danes, Norse Vikings, the Celts, various Germanic tribes, and Anglo-Saxons. Medieval monasteries kept bees to make candles and made and sold mead as a sideline. The secularization of the Monasteries, the protestant reformation, the discovery and exploitation of sugar cane and sugar beets for sweeteners, and the discovery of cheaper and arguably more consistent and brighter forms of illumination brought on the slow decline of mead. While beer, cider, sake and wine are all great drinks with long histories, mead has deeper mythical connections that fire up things in the human soul. Just as craft beer and cider emerged from the 80's and began edging their way into the popular palate, mead is starting to claim a miniscule, but growing share of their craft beverage throat. It is harder to find but often worth the effort. You can order many meads online from Vinoshiper:

810 Meadworks I Love Gingers

Black Willow Winery Odin's Nectar

Brotherhood Winery Sheba T'ej Honey Wine

Chaucer's Mead

Chaucer's Sparkling Mead

Crafted Artisan Meadery Magnum Peach Inferno

Crafted Artisan Meadery The Dispear

Dead Bee Mead with Hibiscus and Spices

Die Hochland Imker Single Variety Mead Lindenblüten Met

Enlightenment Wines 2018 Memto Mori-Dandelion Wine

Enlightenment Wines Raise the Roof Sparkling Mead

Heritage Winery Axum T'ej

Hidden Legends The King's Pyment

Hidden Legend Peach Mead

Makana Meadery IQhilika African Herbal Blossom Mead

Makana Meadery IQhilika Cape White Fig

Mountain Dragon Mazery Black Cherry Blush Honey Cherry Wine Fermented With Tea

Mountain Dragon Mazery Morat Melomel Wild Harvest Special Reverve Honey-Mulberry Wine

Mountain Dragon Mazery West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead

Nectar Creek Honey Cone Hop Session Mead

Prairie Rose Meadery Basswood Traditional Mead

Prairie Rose Meadery Chokecherry Mead

Prairie Rose Meadery Traditional Mead

Queen Sheeba Winery Sheeba Clover Honey Wine

Queen Sheba Winery Sheba Orange Blossom Honey Wine

Redstone Meadery Black Currant Mountain Honey Wine

Redstone Meadery Black Raspberry Nectar

Redstone Meadery Traditional Mountain Honey Wine

Sky River Semi Sweet Mead

Spóldzielnia Pszczelarska Apis Czwórniak Korzenny

St. Ambrose Cellars Cherry Amoré

St. Ambrose Cellars Star Thistle Ambrosia

St. Ambrose Cellars Tupelo Ambrosia

The Honey Wine Company Bee d'Vine Brut

The Honey Wine Company Bee d'Vine Demi Sec

Trazo Meadery 2018 Buckwheat Mead

Trazo Mead Dry Honey Wine Wildflower on Bourbon Barrel

Trazo Meadery Mesquite Mead Batch 014

White Winter Winery Blueberry Mead

White Winter Winery Cyser

White Winter Winery Dry Mead

White Winter Winery Mischief

White Winter Winery My Faire Lady

White Winter Winery Raspberry Mead

Winehaven Honey Wine Stinger Mead

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