Makana Meadery IQhilika Coffee Mead


Makana Meadery


IQhilika Coffee Mead


Makana Meadery IQhilika Coffee MeadMakana Meadery IQhilika Coffee Mead (12% alcohol by volume) is brewed with a rare wild South African Coffee that escaped from a coffee estate abandoned in the early 1900s, a dash of caramelized honey, African spices and African wild flower honey. It is hazy amber tea colored pour with a clear meniscus, low reflectance and long, well developed legs. It smells spicy with some honey, soft alcohol and subtle coffee aromas. Semi-sweet honey leads the flavors with traces of coffee bitter providing balance and a light astringent note from the coffee provides some drying on the finish. There is a trace of nuttiness and spice and a dollop of caramelized honey. The coffee flavors grow as the mead warms. There is a little gritty particulate quality in the body that is a little irritating but overall this is an interesting, rustic mead that grows on you as you drink it. Despite the hazy appearance and the grit, I like it well enough to give it 80.





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