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IQhilika Cape White Fig


Makana Meadery IQhilika Cape White FigIt is early December in Minnesota and I am sitting of a bench with a bottle of Makana Meadery IQhilika Cape White Fig (12% alcohol by volume) dreaming of the warmth of Africa. IQhilika Cape White Fig is a metheglin (spiced mead) made by blending the leaves of the Cape Fig tree with a sweet mead and aged in oak wine barrels. Early colonists brought the White Fig to South Africa and eventually discovered that the leaves packed more flavor than the fruit. The mead has a rich honey and fig aroma supported by light floral and fruit notes. The mead is gold with a slight haze with fair reflectance. Swirling the glass produces nice long legs. Rich honey and fig lead the flavors with a mildly tart finish with a dash of lemon and a trace of oaky astringency on the finish. There is a hint of mild pepper. The tartness and the tannins balance the big fig and honey flavors and leave a spicy, long lingering finish. It is a little like drinking baklava in a bottle and very nice. Even in early December, IQhilika Cape White Fig will warm your soul. I rate it 91.




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