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IQhilika African Chili Mead


Makana Meadery IQhilika African Chili MeadMakana Meadery IQhilika African Chili Mead (12.0% alcohol by volume) is aged over roasted African Birds Eye Chilies. Honey dominates the aroma joined by traces of fruit, dried pepper, a slight vegetal note, low alcohol and a clean fermentation character. It is gold with a light haze and light legs. It starts mildly sweet, spicy, slightly tart, and lightly tannic. As the flavors set in the chilies start mildly hot and intensify with each sip and grow to moderately hot to moderately hot plus by the end of the glass but it is not overbearing. The alcohol is clean and smooth. The sweetness, tartness, tannic astringent notes, the spicy notes, the chilies and the alcohol all work well together. The mead finishes with a long lingering chili heat. The mead might work well with fish and chips or as a warmer by the fire on a chilly winter evening. I like the mead and rate it 88.


Makana Meadery



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