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The King's Pyment


Hidden Legends The King's PymentHidden Legends The King's Pyment (12.5% alcohol by volume) is made from 70% Montana honey mead and 30% red wine. The mead is still and standard srength pyment. It has a red wine and honey aroma with some alcohol. Nothing is overblown or overstated. It is brilliant burbundy red from the center to the rim with good reflectance. It hits the tip of the tongue sweet, honey and grapey but as it rolls over the tongue the alcohol comes forward and more wine character bursts though bringing more fruit notes. Tartness and tannin from the grape reign in the sweetness bringing it to a semi-sweet level. The honey and grape intensities are medium high. The alcohol is smooth, warming and not hot or harsh. This is a full flavored and very drinkable and satisfying mead. I rate it 85. hidden legends kings pyment with kushi oysters

I recently had a bottle of Hidden Legends King's Pyment with a plate of Kusshi Oysters and the pairing worked very well. The level of red wine character was low enough to not over power the oysters while the oyster's saltiness tempered the sweetness of the Pyment and highlighed the honey flavors. The Pyment brings out a little more of the bacon flavors in the oyster and the grape flaors of the Pyment and the oysters melon flavors meld together a little bit. I enjoyed the pairing very much. Go here for a review of Kusshi Oysters.


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