Crafted Artisan Meadery The Dispear


Crafted Artisan Meadery

The Dispear


Crafted Artisan Meadery The DispearCrafted Artisan Meadery The Dispear (6.0% alcohol by volume) is a session strength mead (hydromel) brewed with pears and cardamon. It has an eveningly balanced aroma of pear, honey and cardamon. It pours an effervescent brilliant gold with small bubbles rising to the top long after the pour. Mildly cardamon seasoned pear and honey lead the flavors. The pear has a light citrus note and its sweetness (sorbitol) works nicely with the honey. Low levels of acidity up front and moderate tannins at the back balance the sweetness and add depth and complexity to the mead. It finishes with a moderately long lingering pear, cardamon and honey flavor. I rate it 80.


Crafted Artisan Meadery



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