Crafted Artisan Meadery Chocol'ha


Crafted Artisan Meadery




Crafted Artisan Meadery Chocol'haCrafted Artisan Meadery Chocol'ha (6.0% alcohol by volume) is a session mead (hyrdomel) that has a Mexican chocolate feel. It is brewed with chocolate and a dash of cinnamon and vanilla and a pinch of ancho and guajillo chiles. Honey and chocolate aromas lead with a light vanilla note, faint cinnamon and a hint of vegetable from the chiles. the aromas have a light white wine character in the background along with some woodiness. It is brilliant gold and petillant with a handful of bubbles making their way to the surface. The spices are used with a deft touch allowing the honey to lead the palate with the chocolate and spices in a supporting role. The mead is sweet but the chocolate provides a balance. The vanilla supports the honey and chocolate flavors and is not cloying or overwhelming. The cinnamon is there if you look for it and the heat from the cinnamon and the chiles gradually builds as you drink becoming more noticeable by the end of the glass. There is an earthy quality to th spices. This is a well balanced drinkable mead that would do well with a plate of chocolates for dessert. I rate it 80.


Crafted Artisan Meadery


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