Brotherhood Winery Sheba T'ej Honey Wine


Brotherhood Winery


Sheba T'ej Honey Wine


Brotherhood Winery Sheba T'ej Honey WineBrotherhood Winery Sheba T'ej Honey Wine (13.9% alcohol by volume) is made with a traditional Ethiopian recipe. It has a spicy, earthy nose wrapped in honey with a hint of fresh cut wood and a trace of tart and hint of funk from the yeast. It pours brilliant gold with good reflectance and light legs. The flavors start sweet with a pleasant honey presence, herbal and woody with a trace of tartness and a moderately bitter, drying finish with a light astringent touch. The bitterness is herbal. Overall the T'ej's sweetness is medium high but the tartness from the yeast, the herbal bitterness and the herbal flavors provide an interesting balance. The alcohol is smooth, moderately warming but not hot or harsh. The T'ej gets more complex and elegant as it warms. T'ej pairs nicely with Ethiopian food and should also work well with other spicy food.



Brotherhood Winery

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