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Odin's Nectar


Black Willow Winery Odin's NectarBlack Willow Winery Odin's Nectar (12.0% alcohol by volume) is a standard (alcohol by volume 7.5 - 14.0%), still (non-carbonated), off-dry traditional mead. It has a subtle honey aroma with traces of floral, fruit and a mild white wine-like character. the aromatics are fresh with no dirty, muddled, yeasty or sulfury notes. It is brilliant gold from center to rim and has good reflectance with a thin line of bubbles around the rim that gradually disappear. The flavors are smooth, blended and rounded. It has an initial sweet honey flavor joined by fruit and white grape with mild acidity and a touch of tannin on the finish that provides a slight drying astringent note. The mead has a very pleasant lightly sweet honey character with soft fruity esters and clean alcohol flavors. It has a faint floral character but no varietal honey character. The interaction of the honey and light fruit flavors and the balance by the mild acidity and the touch of tannin really make this mead an enjoyable drink. I rate this 87.

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