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Apimed Meadery


Trnava Mead


Apimed Meadery Trnava MeadApimed Meadery Trnava Mead (13.5% alcohol by volume) is a metheglin made with floral honey and its aroma is boosted with herbal and spice extracts. The aromas are very rich and honey laden with significant floral and spicy, herbal notes. There is also a hint of darker sugars. It pours brilliant gold and a swirl of the glass produces long, well formed legs. The mead is big and sweet but the moderate spiciness and and acidity bring it into balance and make it all absolutely wonderful. The spices remind me of apple pie spices and give the mead the character of an apple pie without the apples. I am eating these with French Kiss oysters and the salt from the oysters have me thinking salted caramels raised to a divine level. The mead has won fistfulls of well deserved medals in international. The mead is a 95 and the mead and the oysters are off the charts wonderful.

Apimed Meadery



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