810 Meadworks I Love Gingers


810 Meadworks


I Love Gingers


810 Meadworks I Love Gingers810 Meadworks I Love Gingers (8.0% alcohol by volume) is a standard striegth, carbonated, off-dry, spiced mead. It is brewed with mesquite honey and ginger. Ginger aromas come forward first followed by honey and some mesquite notes. It is a hazy straw pour kicking up a frothy 1" white cap that quickly drops to a thin circle of film round the rim. Streams of rapidly rising bubbles fill the glass. Despite the haze, the mead shows good reflectance. Honey flavors are moderate and the mesquite notes are subtle. The ginger is slightly below ginger ale levels but the ginger, the dryness, the honey and the effervescence all work together to make a very pleasant, refreshing drink. I rate it 77.


810 Meadworks




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