Winehaven Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine




Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine


Winehaven Strawberry-Rhubarb WineWinehaven Strawberry-Rhubarb Wine (10.5% alcohol by volume) was sitting on the mead shelf at my local beer store and it wasn't until I got home that I realized it was a fruit wine and not a mead. It smells like fresh strawberries and rhubarb and the smell alone makes it a worthy mid-winter drink. the soft scent of alcohol, floral and spice augment the fruits. It is brilliant copper orange from the center to the rim and it has good reflectance and a well formed meniscus. The wine starts sweet to semi-sweet and has the texture of a sweet mead. The strawberry and rhubarb are the main players and a moderate fruit tartness softens the sweetness. A light astringent note on the finish helps balance the sweetness. The alcohol flavor is clean and smooth. It provides a gentle warming but it is not hot or harsh. This is a very pleasant drinking wine. It is a fine companion for dessert, cheese or drinking by itself. I rate it 80.

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