Winehaven Raspberry Wine




Raspberry Wine


Winehaven Raspberry WineWinehaven Raspberry Wine (10.5% alcohol by volume) has a mild raspberry smell like sitting near a row of raspberry canes bending over full of raspberries ready for picking - not like siting with you nose in a bowl of rapsberries. It has a clean fermentation character, alcohol is apparent but not harsh or fusel-like. It is beautiful, brilliant dark raspberry red from the center to the rim with good reflectance and a ring of bubbles around the rim that give way to a well formed meniscus. The wine has a semi-sweet start with pleasant fresh raspberry flavors that lead to a growing awarenss of drying, slightly astingent tannins. The wine also has a pleasant balancing tartness. The alcohol is smooth, gently warming but not hot or harsh. Drink this with anything you would put raspberries on - runny, bloomy rind cheeses, chocolates, biscuits, and pork. I rate it 78.

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