The Anchor Fish & Chips

The Anchor Fish & Chips

302 13th Ave. NE,

Minneapolis, MN 55413

(612) 676-1300



Monday Closed

Tuesday-Thurs 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Friday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

On a recent bike ride Nancy and I ended up on 13th Ave NE, a street anchored with the Dangerous Man Brewery on one end and the Northeast Social on the other with the Peacock Lounge, the 331 Club, Rogue Buddha Gallery, Ritz Theater, Modern Café, Erte, Spinaro Design, Shuga Records, and of course, the Anchor Fish and Chips (302 13th Ave NE) spread in between. It’s a nice street and it’s on the edge of the Northeast Art District (see ) and a handful of blocks from 2 other breweries (Indeed 711 15th Ave NE and 612 Brew (945 Broadway). Nancy and I have wanted to get into the Anchor Fish and Chips since it opened but stories of long lines and having to get there at 5:00 to get a table have kept us away. This was a Saturday, 3:00 in the afternoon and a mere handful of patrons occupied the place and all three tables in the front window were empty as were our stomachs. Anchor Fish and Chips touts themselves as authentic Irish fish and chips and inside smelled like Galway (absent the salt spray) with a menu to match. Inside is dark and friendly like an Irish pub and the wait staff greets you with a smile. The sizzle of the fryers filled the room. As well as fish and chips, the menu includes shepherd’s pie, meat pasties and chips, battered sausages and chips, burgers, grilled cheese and curry or gravy chips. There are a couple of vegetarian sounding things running around but the menu warns that all menu items come into contact with meat products. We ordered the fish and chips and a side of coleslaw. I’ve not had fish and chips this good since Galway. Years ago I’d found a place a few blocks towards the bay from John F. Kennedy Park in Galway past An Púcán (a pub and restaurant worth looking up should you be in the area) – I think the place was the Kettle of Fish on 4 Cross Street. They served up a variety of fish, including Plaice, served up with fat, perfectly cooked fries. Kathryn, Luke and Jenny at the Anchor have it nailed. The oil tastes fresh, unburnt, and well tended. The crust on the fish is crisp, perfectly cooked and not in the least greasy. They use a magician’s touch to keep the breading on the fish, which is sweet and tender. The fries are exactly as I recall the ones in Galway – made from fresh – not frozen potatoes, fat (not the skinny shoe string potato things), hot, flavorful and not greasy. Nancy and I have not had fish and chips this good in a long, long time. Anchor has Guinness, Harp, Summit, Bells and Fulton on tap.  If they are packed, the Dangerous Man Brewery – half a block down the street – will allow you to bring in take out. If you can find a seat in the Brewery Tap room, call an order in to the Anchor. On the weekend Anchor Fish and Chips offers a traditional Irish Breakfast that includes 2 eggs, rashers, bangers, black and white pudding, potato bread, grilled tomato and mushrooms and beans. The breakfast is about what you’d get at An Púcán. Fortified with one of these breakfasts, I could get by on a Guinness every two hours until dinner while in Ireland. Anchor also offer up scaled down versions absent the black and white pudding and the bangers for the faint at heart. Review 8-3-13

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