Saint Genevieve

Saint GenevieveSaint Genevieve

5003 Bryant Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Phone  (612) 353-4843


Sunday 9:30AM–11PM
Monday 11AM–11PM
Tuesday 11AM–11PM
Wednesday 11AM–11PM
Thursday 11AM–11PM
Friday 11AM–12AM
Saturday 9:30AM–12AM

Galette Saint Genevieve It’s mid-Saturday afternoon, December, the day after my cataract surgery. My friend Gregg has driven me to the clinic so they can check me out and now we are at Saint Genevieve. I chose the place because I haven’t been there and I can actually pronounce the name having worked with a woman at EPA named Genevieve and spent time getting her name right. It’s a trendy French bistro in southwest on the corner of 50th and Bryant.  It looks French. Worn wood floor up front, zinc table tops, white walls, dark wood trim, large window across the front, dark wood bar at the back with black wood stools, a zinc top, white and black ceramic tilefloors and a row of tables along the side. Gregg describes it as food for the tragically hip.

The place sits maybe 40 or so and on a Saturday afternoon it is about a half full. The house is Southwest Minneapolis. Next to us sits either an attorney or a friend telling her companion what to do about her husband. There is a family with two well dressed yet slightly sullen teenagers behind us, a handful of couples and the rest, small tables of friends meeting friends. They have eleven beers on tap and one cider. Five of the beers are Minneapolis craft beers, one from Duluth, four national craft brands and then there is Hamm’s. The beer list has enough diversity to allow finding a beer to go with your food selection. Beignets Saint Genevieve

Amy is our server. She is young, professional and knows exactly when to show up at the table. Neither of us have eaten so we need food – I order a galette topped with a sunny-side up egg and Gregg orders eggs and a side of potatoes. The galette is astounding and it comes with a small salad.  The egg is a duck egg and it is obscenely rich with a fine crispy edge and a perfectly runny yolk with a few grains of rock salt sprinkled on top. I am enjoying the yellow orange yolk as it seeps into the crispy galette and mixed in with the light salad. I ask Amy where they get the eggs and she goes back and asks the chef and says that he thinks you can get them from the Seward Coop.  I could live on duck eggs. The food is exceptional, but Gregg and I are here for the Beignets and we split an order. I pair them with a glass of Bent Paddle Cold Press. It’s a cold pressed coffee black ale and goes perfect with a plate of Beignets. I’ve had Beignets but not like this. I’ll be back.
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