Cinco de Mayo Mercado Minneapolis Review

Cinco de Mayo Mercado Minneapolis

Cinco De Mauyo Mercado Minneapolis

Are you within driving distance of Nicollet Avenue South and 38th Street in Minneapolis and have no clue what to have for dinner? Pick up your favorite lager and check out the Cinco De Mayo Mercado.

In the 1970's I worked with Mexican American Farmworkers and learned to love their culture and food. Cinco de Mayo Mercado is as authentic as you can get. This well stocked gem has everything you would need to sucessfully execute Mexican American home cooking. Better yet, they have a hot deli case filled with tamales, carnitas, pollo, guisadas (stews), flautas, and other hot delights. Their deli also serves up cold foods such as guacamole and salads, fresh flour and corn tortillas, and a variety of other things depending on what they have in stock. Their tortillas are homemade - not the stiff shingles shipped in from out of state that populate all to many grocery store shelves. They have no chairs or tables. Either take the stuff home or find a park.

Everything is fresh, flavorful and sold by the pound and it is all reasonably priced. They are located at 3733 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis. Its just a few blocks from my house so I usually bike but you shouldn't have trouble parking.There is a small parking lot along the south side and free street parking.

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