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Wild Mind Artisan Ales

Verger Blackberry Raspberry



Wild Mind Artisan Ales Verger Blackberry RaspberryWild Mind Artisan Ales Verger Blackberry Raspberry (6% alcohol by volume) is a spontaneously fermented barrel aged cider ale with blackberry and raspberry. "Verger Cidre" in French means cider with a cork and while this is in a can, it has the flavor and aroma elegance to come from a bottle with a cork. The aroma is mostly berries with a light cider character and very mild funk. This pours an incredibly beautiful, brilliant cranberry red. It drops with an initial champagne effervescence and the head head quickly dissipates leaving the cider with a clear meniscus and good reflectance. A swirl of the glass leaves a ring of bubbles but no legs. It tastes tart and dry with berry and some moderate cider notes. Fruit notes from the ferment work with the berries. Some tannins from the berries squeeze the last bit of sweetness out and leave an astringent trace on the finish. The wild yeast makes this beverage special, giving a depth and elegance to the drink and allowings layers of fruit flavor to develop. This is light, tart, refreshing, and moderately effervescent. This is a classy, elegant, drink - tasty, tart dry with as much flavor as you will ever get with 6% alcohol by volume. This is an interesting and unique beverage for poetry or Romani music. I would love to have this with a nice runny Epoisses or Brie with a fresh baguette. I rate it 95.

Wild Mind Artisan Ales


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