Uncle John's Hard Cider


Uncle John's


Hard Cider


Uncle John's Hard CiderUncle John's Hard Cider (6.5% alcohol by volume) is a semi-dry, light sparkling cider made from hand harvested apples with sulfites (to prevent secondary fermentation) and sorbate (a mold and yeast inhibitor) added. The cider has an apple, vinuous smell wit traces of fruity esters. It is brilliant straw topped with a bright, attractive shimmer. This easy to drink cider offers a range of very clean apple and fruit flavors. The tartness is medium and a light touch of tannins produces a slight drying bitter astringent finish. The carbonation is medium high. The rich, varied apple flavors make this taste like a cider instead of an alcopop. I rate it 80.


Uncle John's Hard Cider


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