Uncle John's Hard Cider Premium Perry


Uncle John's Hard Cider

Premium Perry


Uncle-Johns-Hard-Cider-Premium-PerryUncle Johns Hard Cider Premium Perry (5.0% alcohol by volume) is brewed with Michigan Bartlett Pears. An initial big buttery pear aroma settles down to cidery tart pear and traces of butter. It pours brilliant pale straw with no signs of bubbles. It has some white flakes that settle to the bottom that are a little disconcerting. The flavors are semidry to semisweet with medium plus tartness and a good balance between tannins, acid and sweetness. The acid comes in at yogurt levels. There is some pear sweetness balancing the tartness but the pear flavors are a little muted. The perry is lightly fizzy, refreshing with a little below lemonade levels of tart but I had to throw the last bit out due to the white flakes. I rate it 75.


Uncle John's Hard Cider

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