Uncle John's Hard Cider Apple Pear Hard Cider


Uncle John's Hard Cider


Apple Pear Hard Cider


Uncle John's Apple Pear Hard CiderUncle John's Apple Pear Hard Cider (6.5% alcohol by volume) is made from 100% hand picked fruit. It is a blend of cider mill's traditional apples and Michigan Bartlet Pear juice. Sulfite and sorbate are added to stabilize the flavor. Apples lead the aroma followed by pear with a hint of bacon and traces of smoky phenols. It pours brilliant pale gold with good reflectance. The white head quickly dissipates but small bubbles continue to rise to the surface. It is semisweet and produces some stickiness on the lips. Apple flavors lead with some pear in the background with traces of smoke and bacon. A mild, soft acidity balances the sweetness and a touch of tannins provide body and dry things out a little n the end. The carbonation is moderate and very fine. This is a delightful, very drinkable cider. I rate it 80.


Uncle John's Hard Cider




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