Uncle John's Hard Cider Apple Cherry


Uncle John's


Hard Cider Apple Cherry


Uncle John's Hard Cider Apple CherryUncle John's Hard Cider Apple Cherry (6.5% alcohol by volume) is made from a blend of fresh apple cider and orchard fresh Michigan cherry juice. Uncle John's has added sulfite and sorbate as a preservative. The hard apple cherry cider offers an initial big apple cherry aroma with a hint of cinnamon and a clean fermentation character. The apple and cherry aromas are evenly matched. It is amber gold with a strong cherry red tint. It starts hazy, kicking up a thin white cap that quickly dissipates. Streams of bubbles rise to the surface and gradually dissipate leaving a brilliant drink with good reflectance. The cider is effervescent with a little bit of apple cherry pie flavor. It is medium sweet with an pleasant, balancing tartness, a hint of butter, and a trace of tannins. The body and carbonation are medium. The cider is crisp, refreshing, thirst quenching and easy to repeat. I rate it 77.


Uncle John's Hard Cider


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