Uncle John's Hard Cider Apple Blueberry


Uncle John's Hard Cider

Apple Blueberry


Uncle John's Hard Cider Apple BlueberryUncle John's Hard Cider Apple Blueberry (6.5% alcohol by volume) is a semisweet cider made with hand harvested apples and ripe blueberry juice. Cracking the can immediately releases blueberry aromas with some red apple in the background joined by a faint hint of funk. It is a beautiful brilliant lightly purple tinted red with good reflectance. The blueberry and apple work very well together in the flavor supported by some light funky fermentation notes and a little earthiness and a faint hint of bacon. The medium light body, medium plus carbonation, balancing tartness and a dash of slightly astringent tannins on the finish make it a refreshing, snappy drink and make it stand apart from the "alco-pop" category. The flavors taste natural and not artificial and the blueberry apple flavors call out for a nice chunk of Camembert or Brie. I rate it 80.


Uncle John's Hard Cider


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