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Tilted Shed Ciderworks




Tilted Shed Ciderworks TopworkTilted Shed Ciderworks Topwork (8% alcohol by volume) is a dry cider made with organic apples and a dose of sulfites to kill of unwanted microbes, yeast and bacteria. The cider has a mild to low apple aroma, clean fermentation smells and a faint hint of white wine. It is brilliant gold, with good reflectance and great legs. Streams of very fine bubbles rise rapidly. A trace of initial sweetness quickly dries out. As the cider rolls over the tongue it displays a deliscious range of subltle, layered and complex apple flavors lightly seasoned with a dose of funk. The apples are well selected and well handled and the first thing that comes to mind is where the hell did I buy this so I can buy more? I am drinking the cider with a plate of Huricane Harbor Oysters and the oysters have a trace of smokiness that brings out the same in the cider and and leave you thinking - why didn't I do this before? I rate the cider 99.

Tilted Shed Ciderworks

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