The Cider Farm Classic Dry


The Cider Farm

Classic Dry


The Cider Farm Classic DryThe Cider Farm Classic Dry (6.3% alcohol by volume) is made with English tannic and American tart apples. The aromas are fairly quiet with at least two kinds of apple. The cider is brilliant gold with a few bubbles rising to the top. The flavors have a trace of sweet apple, apple skin, and bitter apples. The cider has a tannic, dry finish with a touch of bitter and a pleasant, lingering sweet tart tail. This cider is midway between elegant and rustic. The richness and depth of flavors testify that this cider is made from pressed apples and not from apple juice concentrate, supplemental acids and sugar additives. This cider's flavors come from knowing your apples and blending them well. This is a craft, not a factory cider. It is flavorful, all the parts and flavors work well together, and it is very pleasant to drink. For some reason this cider has be wanting a kielbasa or a charcuterie plate. I rate it 78.


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