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Sweetland Orchards

Scrumpy Original


Sweetland Orchard Scrumpy OriginalSweetland Orchards Scrumpy Original (7.0% alcohol by volume) is a small batch standard cider that blends the traditions of New World Cider (North American Cider) which is made from culinary or table apples with crab apples or wild apples providing acidity and tannins for balance and English Cider, made from bitter-sweet and bitter-sharp apples and is more tannic and austere. The cider has a lemony apple smell with faint alcohol and a hint of funk and earthiness along with traces of light fruit. It is hazy yellow and looks petillant with a slight fizz. Tart, lemony apples lead the flavors throughout with a slight taste of apple skin and a mild earthiness. Scrumpy Original is mildly sweet up front and dries on the finish with a light tannic astringent touch. The cider is medium bodied with a light fizz. Scrumpy Original has a mild rustic character and all the parts work together very well. It is refreshing and very drinkable. I rate it 80.

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