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Rustic Apple


Sweetland Orchard Rustic AppleSweetland Orchard Rustic Apple (7.0%) alcohol by volume used to be named Scrumpy Sweet. The orchard changed the name in 2017 because "rustic" better reflects what is in the bottle. This cider starts with their standard cider made with a blend of Minnesota apples and then the orchard blends it with fresh-pressed cider. The ingredients are apples and fresh-pressed cider. The cider has a fresh, rich apple smell and a clean fermentation character. It fills the glass hazy pale gold permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles with a fizzy champagne-like cap that quickly fades leaving a fizzy ring of bubbles around the rim. The cider is semi-sweet with a balancing lemonade level of tartness. Apple flavors are rich with a slight astringent touch from tannins on the finish. This is a balanced refreshing medium bodied cider with rich flavor and medium carbonation. It is easy to drink and very repeatable. I rate it 80.

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