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Sweetland Orchard JackalopeSweetland Orchard Jackalope (6.95% alcohol by volume) is an apple cider brewed with ginger, lime and cascade hops. Ginger, citrus and apple cider dominate the aromas with a faint hop aroma. It pours hazy straw with some fizz when you swirl the glass. Mildly tart lime leads the flavors closely followed by ginger. The cider has a light sweetness that helps balance the mild hop bitterness. There is a very mild funk in the background. The cider is light and refreshing with medium carbonation. This is drinkable and refreshing but it drinks a lot like a soda pop brewed for people who do not like alcohol and I would like to see a lot more cider character and less ginger and lime. I rate it 72.

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