Seattle Cider Company Cucumber Hibiscus


Seattle Cider Company


Cucumber Hibiscus


Seattle Cider Company Cucumber HibiscusSeattle Cider Company Cucumber Hibiscus (6.9% alcohol by volume) offers an interesting blend of flavors that work together suprisingly well. You notice the hibiscus aromas first but a big sniff brings out the cucumber and apple. A few more sniffs notice some spiciness from the apples. It pours brilliant cranberry red with a light copper tint and good reflectance. It is lightly petillant on the tongue and starts with a kiss of sweetness that dries out by the finish. The hibiscus and apple flavors come out first joined by cucumber in the middle. The cucumber lingers into the after taste. Tartness and tannins are medium. The body is medium light and the carbonation is medium low. This is refreshing and flavorful cider with an interesting blend of flavors. I rate it 80.

Seattle Cider Company


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