Seattle Cider Company Basil Mint Hard Cider


Seattle Cider Company

Basil Mint Hard Cider


Seattle Cider Company Basil Mint Hard Cider (6.9% alcohol by volume) uses Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Gala apples and ferments them with fresh basil and mint. It also includes cane sugar and sulfites. Basil, mint, floral, and apple lead the aromas. It drops brilliant gold producing a 1/2" white cap with poor retention. It looks moderately effervescent with streams of bubbles leisurely rising to the surface. It starts moderately sweet with initial apple flavors giving way to basil and mint that shine especially on the finish. The cider has a nice long tail with a pleasant blend of apple and spice. It has a very mild tartness and some slightly astringent, drying tannins on the finish but no bitterness. The basil and mint are not overstated. They provide a savory aspect and season the apples but let the apple flavors shine through. The cider is moderately carbonated and finishes medium dry. This is a very pleasant drinking cider with an interesting savory-sweet character. I rate it 78.

Seattle Cider Company



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