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Samuel Smith's Organic PerrySamuel Smith's Organic Perry Sparkling Pear Cider (5.0% alcohol by volume) is registered with the Vegan Society as suitable for vegans and vegetarians and it is naturally glutan free. It is made with water, organic pear concentrate, organic cane sugar, malic acid, yeast, organic pear concentrate and carbon dioxide. It has a mild pear aroma with a trace of apple-malic acid. Fermentation odors are clean. It is effervescent, bright gold with good reflectance. Bubbles rise medium fast. Medium carbonation tickles the tongue delivering medium tart, semi-sweet pear flavors with a trace of tannin on the finish. The perry is flavorful, drinkable, and refreshing with a good balance of sweet and tart. A mild dose of tanning on the finish provide a slight astringent note. I rate it 78.


Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)

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