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Petritegi Sagardotegia PartitegPetritegi Sagardotegia Petritegi (6.0% alcohol by volume) is produced with apples grown by Petritegi Sagardotegia and in the local area. My bottle was produced from apples harvested in 2017. After my bottle was packaged ciders from Petritegi have received a Denomination of Origin “Euskal Sagardoa” indicating that the cider is made with 100% Basque apples. Petritegi Sagardotegia recommends serving the cider at 50°F. The cider is unfiltered and over time sedimentation will settle on the bottom of the bottle. They recommend turning the bottle upside down and giving it a shake to "homogenize" the cider before opening. They recommend serving the cider in a widemouthed, thin walled glass and pouring the cider from high above the glass so that it splashes on the sides of the glass and drinking it quickly. The cider is hazy straw gold with a slight sparkle. The cider smells of fresh fruit, apples, a hint of bacon, traces of funk and faint spice. The cider is acidic - at Granny Smith levels or beyond - but a light, background sweetness softens the acidity keeps it from being too austere. A mild yeast character gives the cider a apple bacon note and a touch of funk. A dash of tannins add a slight astringent note on the finish that squeezes any remaining sweetness out. The cider is light, dry, tart and very refreshing. I love the cider and rate it 85.

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Petritegi Sagardotegia


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