Perry's Farm Pressed Medium Cider


Perry's Cider

Farm Pressed Medium Cider


Perry's Farm Pressed Medium Cider Perry's Farm Pressed Medium Cider (6.5% alcohol by volume) is listed under several names. I have seen it called Perry's Barn Owl Cider because Perry's put a Barn Owl on the label to commemorate the birds of the British Isles but on their website they list it as Farm Pressed Medium Cider. I'll go with that name. This cider is exactly what you want. The only thing Perry's uses to make this cider is juice from traditional British bittersweet and bittersharp apples. They ferment it in small batches with wild yeast, they carbonate it naturally and they do not filter it before it goes into the bottle. It smells like apples and as it warm more mild funk and spice come forward. It pours brilliant golden amber creating a vigorous white head as it pours that quickly collapses leaving a ring of bubbles around the glass. There is an initial apple sweetness on the tongue but on the whole the tastes lay midway between sweet and dry. The apple flavors range in ripeness and suggest several varieties as the flavors are layered. There is a hint of bacon on the finish, some funk and low levels of malolactic fermentation (MLF) character. MLF tones down the acidity and if controlled kicks out a few more fruit and funk flavors. Perry's uses sulfites and one thing sulfites can do is limit MLF and here the MLF is restrained. The lack of filtering, the wild fermentation and the MLF give the cider a delightful rustic character that enhances but does not overpower the cider. Everything in this cider works well together, making it a cider you will want to drink every day. I rate Perry's Farm Pressed Medium Cider 85.


Perry's Cider


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