Number 12 Cider Sparkling Dry Cider


Number 12 Cider

Sparkling Dry Cider


Number 12 Cider Sparkling Dry CiderNumber 12 Cider Sparkling Dry Cider (7.4% alcohol by volume) is a dry, sparkling English style cider blended from 10 varieties of locaslly grown apples. It has a light apple smell that reminds me of McIntosh apples. The fermentation smells clean. On the poor it kicks up a healthy white cap that quickly dissapears. It is gold with a light haze, permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles. The flavors start dry and medium tart and the apple presence is light. Alcohol warming is mild and not hot or harsh. The flavors are clean with no off flavors and little fermentation character. Mild tannins come in mid-palate, help dry out the finish and join the tail with some tart apple notes. The light bodied cider has medium carbonation. This light, refershing cider has a good balance between flavor, acid and tannins. I rate it 85.

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Number 12 Cider




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