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MillerCoors Brewing Company Crispin Pacific PearThe Crispin Cider company started out in Minneapolis. In 2010 they acquired Fox Barrel Cider and moved to that company's facility in Colfax , California. The MillerCoors Brewing Company bought Crispin Cider in 2012 and moved production to their Milwaukee plant in 2018. MillerCoors Company Crispin Pacific Pear (4.5% alcohol by volume) is gluten free (like most ciders) and is made from fresh pressed American pears, filtered water, pear and apple juice concentrates, finishing sweeteners, natural flavors, malic acid and sulfates. I am having a bottle at Cafe Barbette. My bottle has a good until date four and a half months from now. It has a screw top which I consider a little cheesy. It smells of pears lightly scented with a trace of earthy funk and some spicy floral notes. It pours bright straw gold with a few streams of bubbles rising to the surface. It has a 1/2 inch white cap that quickly disappears giving way to a clear top with good reflectance and a clear meniscus. It is very effervescent with pear flavors all the way through and a moderate earthiness. A light pear skin tartness balances the sweet to semisweet palate and a dash of tannin adds body and dryness to the finish. It has a pear sorbitol aftertaste that doesn't quite sit right. Crispin Pacific Pear is an easy drinker and is easy to find but does not stand out. I rate it 75.

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