Milk & Honey Ciders Heirloom 2016


Milk & Honey Ciders

Heirloom 2016


Milk & Honey Ciders Heirloom 2016Milk & Honey Ciders Heirloom 2016 (6.9% alcohol by volume) is a semi-dry pressed cider from 10 different apple varieties. It has a broad range of apple aromas, traces of fruit and spice and a trace of light fruit and citrus. It is brilliant gold with a light fizz on top and streams of bubbles rising to the surface. The flavors start lemonade tart, semi-dry to dry with moderate apple flavors. The acidity is assertive but not puckering, harsh or biting. The apple flavors, like the aromas, show a range of apple varieties. There is a light white wine character behind the apples. The tartness and the apple tannins balance nicely making for a pleasant, lingering tail. The carbonation is medium low. This is a light refreshing, flavorful drink. I rate it 77.

Milk & Honey Ciders




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