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Milk & Honey Ciders

Deepcuts Cider Rosé


Milk & Honey Ciders Deepcuts Cider Rosé Milk & Honey Ciders released Deepcuts Cider Rosé (6.7% alcohol by volume) in 2017. Milk & Honey's Deepcuts line features small batch ciders that show case the cidermaker's variety. They made Deepcuts Cider Rosé with Winesap, Northern Spry and Newtown Pippin apples and infused the cider with hibiscus, rose hips and orange peel. They were shooting for a bright Rosé color which they achieve as the cider pours brilliant cranberry red with good reflectance and a thin ring of bubles around the rim. It smells of mild fruit, apple, light spice, light floral and a hint of orange. The cider starts slightly sweet and then goes bone dry finishing tart with a slight astringent touch. It has a light apple berry flavor and with the carbonation and tartness is is a very refreshing, flavorful drink. This pairs very well with sushi and with Tilia's Fish Taco Torta. I rate it 85.

Milk & Honey Ciders



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