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2017 Alchemy Ice Cider


Milk and Honey Ciders 2017 Alchemy Ice CiderMilk and Honey Ciders 2017 Alchemy Ice Cider is a cider fermented from the juice of frozen apples. Freezing concentrates the apples natural sugars allowing the cider to develop a higher alcohol content - in this case 11.5% alcohol by volume. Ice cider also requires 4 to 5 times more apples which also intensifies the flavors and the aromas. Alchemy Ice cider is made from chestnut crab apples and aged for 8 months in bourbon barrels. The cider smells like fruit with traces of apple, some spice, light alcohol and a dash of caramel and vanilla. It is brilliant gold with with a clear, well formed meniscus and mild tears that drip down to produce long, thin legs. The flavors are outstanding, mild and sweet, smooth alcohol, light tannins, crab apple tartness, bourbon and caramel and vanilla bourbon barrel notes all work together harmoniously. The cider has a rich full texture that delivers layers of complex flavors. As the cider warms rich honey apple flavors come out joined by a pleasant balancing tartness from both the crab apples and a mild dose of tannins from both the crab apples and the oak. The alcohol is mildly warming but not hot or harsh. I am drinking this with Thunder Cap Oysters and the oyster's saltiness brings out the apple caramel flavors of the cider and also provide a very pleasant contrast with the oyster's seaweed an bacon flavors. I rate the cider 90 and the pairing with the oysters 85. This is a nice special occasion cider.

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